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Relieve Financial Stress

“Tell your money where to go. Stop wondering where it went.”

What Coaching Will Do

Whether you are struggling with the bills, dealing with debt collectors, considering bankruptcy, facing foreclosure, or just wondering how you can afford to send your children to college and save for retirement, coaching from Money Untroubled will guide you with a proven methodology to get out of debt and build wealth. Click to schedule a complimentary consultation.


About Me

Craig is a PhD economist who for the past fifteen years has been teaching students principles of finance. As a graduate of Ramsey Solutions’ Financial Coach Master Training, Craig can help guide you along a path to a more peaceful relationship with money.

A complimentary consultation via Zoom provides me a preliminary understanding of your financial situation and gives you the opportunity to ask me questions about the coaching process. Click to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Let's Get in Touch

If you prefer to reach out with questions before scheduling your complimentary consultation, please complete this form, and I will get in contact with you.

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